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GTP Bioways CDMO is attending Congrès France Bioproduction 2024! Join Amira Mastouri, Business Development Manager, and Alain Sainsot, CEO at GTP Bioways CDMO in Massy, France on April 3rd-4th, 2024.

The French bioproduction industry is coming together at Congrès France Bioproduction, which is hosted by Polepharma and Medicen Paris Region. Join us for stimulating discussions on the future of biomanufacturing, and exploring groundbreaking solutions that are reshaping the industry. This is the perfect opportunity to meet and exchange face to face with more than 350 stakeholders from both the public and private sectors within the biomanufacturing industry.




What makes this event a must-attend?

  1. An Innovative Startup Pitch Session: See the future of bioproduction with five handpicked startups showcasing groundbreaking ideas.
  2. A Premium Conference Experience: Explore a top-tier conference for unparalleled insights and strategic takeaways to advance your business.
  3. An Extended Networking Opportunities and Gala Dinner: Maximise networking opportunities throughout the day and enjoy a Gala dinner to enhance your connections further.

Discover our Fill & Finish capacities





Connect with us at Congrès France Bioproduction, where we can discuss your Fill & Finish needs. Our team has extensive experience providing Fill & Finish services for a wide range of active pharmaceutical ingredients, including small molecules, recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies, and various other biologics. Additionally, we can address your requirements in process development and the supply of pre-clinical and clinical batches using both mammalian and microbial expression systems.

To learn more or schedule a meeting with Amira Mastouri, simply email her here or use our contact form. We’re excited to discuss how we can support and accelerate your journey towards success.



Congrès France Bioproduction 2024









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