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Customised Biologics CDMO services

GTP Bioways is a customer-centric and science-driven CDMO offering end-to-end services to help transition your innovative therapies from discovery lab bench to market.
GTP Bioways CDMO - Antibody drug conjugate development

Versatile CDMO services and support for all development stages

With interconnected production sites all located in France, GTP Bioways offers end-to-end services for the manufacturing of biologics, antibody-drug conjugates and nanodrugs

Our capacities and expertise are ideally suited to support you at all stages of your programme, from discovery to commercial manufacturing of your innovative therapies.

We customise our solutions to each project and always focus on developing the best strategy for each specific molecule, in addition to providing valuable guidance at every step of your project.

A project-specific approach from R&D to market supply

Our teams are ready to support your project at any stage of its development.

End-to-end CDMO services for biologics, antibody conjugates and nanodrugs

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R&D Services

GTP Bioways offers custom production services with all prominent expression systems to provide proteins and antibodies for your R&D studies.

With experience spanning over 800 different proteins, our team has acquired the agility to express and purify even the most challenging proteins.

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Process Development

Our team has over 20 years’ experience in developing processes for the production of challenging molecules, including proteins, antibodies and nanodrugs.

We know that the energy spent in process development is an investment into the future success of your programme and we will always focus on developing the most efficient, robust and high-quality manufacturing process for your specific molecule.

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GMP Manufacturing

GTP Bioways operates state-of the-art manufacturing facilities for the production of biologics, bioconjugates and nanodrugs. We are sized to address your needs for clinical studies and small-batch commercial supply.

Our QA team is strongly involved at each step of the project and can provide IND/IMPD support.

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Analytical Services

Our team is expert at developing a wide range of custom analytical assays for the characterisation of a diversity of molecules including biologics, bioconjugates, nanodrugs.

In addition, GTP Bioways has a unique expertise in the development of process-specific HCP ELISA and provides valuable support for HCP risk management from early project stages.

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Fill & Finish

GTP Bioways is one of the few CDMOs covering the whole value chain thanks to our in-house aseptic fill-&-finish for a wide range of active pharmaceutical ingredients including biologics, small molecules and cytotoxics.

With our unique state-of-the-art filling line with single-use isolators, we offer flexible manufacturing of your drug product with the highest quality standards.

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