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Unwavering support for bioprocess tech transfer

Having already managed dozens of bioprocess tech transfers, our project management and technical teams have the experience and ability to guide you through this complex process.

GTP Bioways CDMO - Bioprocess Tech Transfer

Expertise in seamless bioprocess tech transfers

Technology transfers are very common in biotherapeutics development, whether for scaling up production, manufacturing at a different location closer to the clinical sites, or moving from clinical to commercial manufacturing.

At GTP Bioways CDMO, we have a long and successful experience in process transfers both in integrating processes developed by third parties and in transferring out processes developed in house. Based on this experience, we have established sound tech transfer processes that allow us to avoid the common pitfalls of such transfers.

25+ years’ experience

GTP Bioways CDMO offers 25+ years of expertise in biomanufacturing process development and GMP manufacturing.

50+ collaborators involved

Bioprocess tech transfers involve expertise ranging from process & analytical development to quality control & assurance.

Key factors for a smooth bioprocess tech transfer

Based our long experience, we have identified several factors that are key for a successful tech transfer: clear objectives, effective communication, comprehensive documentation, good collaboration, training and knowledge transfer with post-transfer support.

Learn more on this topic by downloading our White Paper : A guide to smooth tech transfer. You will read about our top tips for successful bioprocess technology transfer, backed up by concrete examples.

GTP Bioways CDMO - Bioprocess tech transfer expertise

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