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Antibody production services

We deliver the materials needed for R&D purposes and proof-of-concept studies; we can also assess the developability of your antibody to mitigate risks for the later stages of your project.

GTP Bioways CDMO - Antibody drug conjugate development

Extensive expertise in antibody production

GTP Bioways has managed hundreds of antibody production projects. Our services cover the production of standard monoclonal antibodies as well as modified antibodies such as antibody fusion proteins, bispecific antibodies, and antibody fragments (ScFv, VHH, Fab, minibodies…).

We can produce your antibody at a range of scales to meet your requirements at every step of your project.

For small batches, we offer timely production of your antibody by transient transfection in CHO or HEK cells. When large batches are required or a future scale-up is anticipated, we can generate stable pools or clones that can easily be grown in large bioreactors.

Your programme deserves the best antibody production expertise

Cell line Development process

High-throughput antibody production

To meet your needs during your antibody drug development process, we have developed high-throughput transient transfection services using our optimised in-house protocol. We can conduct hundreds of transfections in parallel in both CHO and HEK cells.

Our services are designed to provide you with up to several milligrams of your antibodies to perform in vitro or in vivo assays. We cover your needs from your antibodies’ sequences all the way to the delivery of purified antibodies with an analytical package that can be adapted to your needs.

Antibody developability assessment

Early developability assessment is a crucial step to mitigate risks for your antibody development programme and offer the best chances of success in the clinic.

Drawing on our expertise in process development, we are able to assess multiple antibody attributes that can impact the developability of your antibody.

Our standard developability assessment package includes the production of selected variants and a range of in vitro analysis to identify the best hit in terms of expression level, stability, safety and efficacy. This package can be customised to the needs of your project.

GTP Bioways CDMO - Bioconjugates Analytical Development

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