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Nanodrugs manufacturing

GTP Bioways is a skilled pharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing organisation with a deep knowledge of nanoformulation and GMP manufacturing of nanodrugs.

GTP Bioways CDMO - Antibody drug conjugate development

End-to-end services for nanodrugs, from formulation development to GMP manufacturing

New drug product development is a highly challenging process; manufacturing a potent active nanovectorized pharmaceutical ingredient (API) is even more demanding.

With expertise encompassing formulation, process development, analytical method development and GMP manufacturing, and facilities equipped with the most cutting-edge technologies, GTP Bioways is the ideal partner to take your nanodrug project to clinic and market.

Discover our cGMP Manufacturing services dedicated to nanodrugs

Process Development

Read more about our scalable vectorization services.

GMP Manufacturing

Learn about our manufacturing capacities.

Analytical Development

Collaborate with us to develop and transfer analytical methods.

Fill & Finish

Find out more about our exclusive fill & finish services.

Integrated services: from R&D to cGMP manufacturing of your nanodrug

Overcome the nanoformulation development challenge

At GTP Bioways, we expertly manage the challenge of cGMP nanovectorization and overcome the hurdles that are intrinsic to the development of such molecules.

Our expert team can develop a nanoformulation for all kinds of pharmaceutically active ingredients. We have expertise and equipment to take on your formulation or manufacturing challenges, whatever the nanoparticle typology – dispersion, emulsion, solution or suspension.

GTP Bioways CDMO - Bioconjugates Analytical Development

Customer stories: What they were looking for in a CDMO

Cell line Development process

“GTP Nano is a flexible and reactive company with a high understanding of the development challenges for a biotech. Collaboration is easy, the teams are open to scientific discussions and collaborate with us about how to solve problems together. Very good partner for the development of new projects!”

Judith Greciet, General Director @ Onxeo

Cell line Development process

From nanoformulation to cGMP manufacturing

Once your process is lab-scale enabled, our pilot-scale NEP laboratory takes the lead to provide you with the required product quantities for your clinical supply, and to further upscale the production process.

We offer cGMP clinical manufacturing of the DP bulk using HPH technology. The GMP production can be performed in full aseptic conditions under a sterilised isolator for products that are not filtrable or are not suitable for final sterilisation.

% of molecules in the discovery pipeline

About 40% of drugs with market approval and nearly 90% of molecules in the discovery pipeline are poorly water-soluble

With our expertise in nanotechnology, we are able to provide unique solutions for addressing poor solubility and help you reach clinics and market faster.

An exclusive aseptic fill & finish solution

GTP Bioways is one of the few CDMOs covering the whole value chain thanks to our in-house aseptic fill & finish.

With our exclusive semi-automated filling line and its single-use isolators, we offer flexible manufacturing of drug product for a wide range of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

GTP Bioways CDMO - Bioconjugates Analytical Development

White paper

A Guide to Smooth CDMO Tech Transfer

The key parameters to be considered while choosing your next CDMO, as well as our tips to assess those parameters, and more!