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Microbial Manufacturing of Biologics

With integrated services for the microbial manufacturing of biologics, GTP Bioways helps you move your biotherapeutics from the lab bench through to clinics and market.

GTP Bioways CDMO - Antibody drug conjugate development

Expert CDMO for microbial manufacturing of proteins

GTP Bioways is a science-driven CDMO with strong development expertise. We know that the time spent developing a robust and efficient process is an investment into the future success of your biotherapeutic programme, and we will always focus on coming up with the best process for your specific molecule.

With our unique know-how combined to a strong commitment to projects, we are able to deliver ad-hoc solutions for the manufacturing, in microbial systems, of a wide range of proteins, even those that do not fall under well-established standards.


Leverage our expertise in microbial manufacturing

Our team combines a deep scientific knowledge of proteins with extensive experience in process development in the most prominent microbial hosts – E. coli and P. pastoris – acquired through over 1,400 projects managed and more than 800 different proteins produced.

Integrated CDMO services from R&D to cGMP manufacturing

We design development approaches adapted to each specific protein in addition to providing valuable flexibility and guidance through the project.

Cell line Development process

Comprehensive services for microbial GMP manufacturing

GTP Bioways’ activities cover the full development cycle of your biotherapeutics, from supporting early-stage discovery with small-scale protein production to complete process development and cGMP manufacturing of your protein thanks to our preferred GMP partners.

Our services also include the manufacturing of your drug product in vials or pre-filled syringes.

GTP Bioways CDMO - Bioconjugates Analytical Development

Discover our end-to-end services for microbial production

Microbial manufacturing

Microbial Strain

Microbial manufacturing

Process Development

Microbial manufacturing


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