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GTP Bioways is attending ICGT 2024

The first edition of Mabdesign’s event, Innovations for cell & Gene therapies is taking place in Paris, France, on May 22. Amira Mastouri, Business Development Manager at GTP Bioways is going to attend the event and represent our CDMO!

Amira Mastouri-GTP Bioways at ICGT 2024

At the heart of the congress lies the opportunity to engage with experts who are unraveling the potential of cell and gene therapies. Through captivating scientific symposiums, attendees will gain invaluable insights into the latest advancements shaping the landscape of biotechnology. Dive more through the latest developments in emerging technologies, innovative preclinical models, and real-world applications. Moreover, exclusive B2B meetings will provide a platform for forging meaningful collaborations, driving forward the collective mission of advancing therapeutic innovation.

Discover our CDMO services at ICGT 2024

The Innovations for cell & Gene Therapies is a chance for us to discover your project and for you to discover our comprehensive CDMO services. We have the capacities to produce your ancillary proteins essential for your cell & gene therapies. From Cell Line/Strain Development to aseptic Filling and phase-appropriate analytical development, GTP Bioways stands ready to assist in turning your therapeutic breakthroughs into tangible clinical advancements. Amira Mastouri anticipates the opportunity to connect with attendees and explore collaborative avenues for driving therapeutic innovation forward.

As the congress approaches, seize the chance to connect with your potential service provider and unlock new dimensions of therapeutic potential.

Contact us before The Innovations for Cell & Gene Therapies congress. We look forward to seeing you there!

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