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Our evaluation of the MEP HyperCel™ chromatography sorbent as a non-protein A capture step for polyclonal antibodies.

Our ongoing technology watch often leads us to test new sorbents brought to the market by manufacturers.

Lately, we drew our focus to the characteristics of the MEP HyperCel™ sorbent developed by Pall. The most significant advantages of this mixed-mode sorbent are its unique separation mechanism and its high selectivity, which makes it suitable for direct immunoglobulin capture. Because it allows for protein binding in no salt or low salt conditions, it is also an appealing potential alternative to the HIC step.

In order to verify the benefits of using this mechanism, we tested it as part of the development of a purification process for a polyclonal antibody, as the cost of using a protein A capture step was prohibitive in this project.

Our results confirm that mixed-mode chromatography using the MEP HyperCel™ sorbent is a powerful tool to address future challenges in the purification of antibodies and emerging biomolecules while reducing costs. Take a look at our poster showing the details and results of our experiments.  MEP HyperCel poster_GTPTech_pAb_purification

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