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GTP Bioways will be attending the Journées Polepharma du Biotesting in Evreux on the 7th and 8th of June.

This event aims to gather stakeholders and players in the academic research, clinical research, startups, biotechs and bio pharmas to discuss the challenges of biotesting and to raise the industrials needs on advanced analytical strategies to accelerate the development and marketing of biotherapeutics.

The event will be punctuated by conferences, practical workshops, and networking meetings. For the 4th edition of the Journées Polepharma du Biotesting, six main themes will be discussed: Lab Automation, Rapid Microbial Methods, Innovation on characterisation, Viral Safety, Reglementary aspects and the Search of Impurities.

Journée PôlePharma du Biotesting 2023 CDMO GTP Bioways

We would be more than pleased to meet you there to learn on your next developments and introduce our expert & flexible CDMO services. We can provide flexible capacities for the process development of your biologics and for the supply of pre-clinical and clinical batches of any protein type, in microbial or mammalian systems.  

GTP Bioways will be present on a booth alongside with Texcell to introduce the new offer available from our commercial partnership.

Texcell and GTP Bioways commercial partnership

Vincent Rivera, CEO of GTP Immuno (part of GTP Bioways) and Emma Guilhou, Business Development Manager at GTP Bioways, will be present on booth 10. You can already contact them to schedule a meeting.


Journées PôlePharma du Biotesting








Vincent Rivera- CEO of GTP Immuno
Emma Guilhou Business Developement Manager at GTP Bioways

Contact Mr. Vincent Rivera, CEO of GTP Immuno or Mrs. Emma Guilhou, Business Developement Manager, to schedule a meeting.