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GTP Bioways will be attending the BEBPA’s 11th annual Host Cell Protein (HCP) Conference, that brings together industry professionals, researchers, and regulatory authorities to discuss the latest advancements and challenges in the field of HCP analysis and control. The event takes place from the 22nd to the 24th of May. The conference takes place in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

GTP Bioways attends Meet2Win

HCPs are proteins that are produced by the cells that are used to manufacture biopharmaceutical products, and they can potentially contaminate the final drug product. The conference will be rich in talks ad workshops and will bring together industry leaders to discuss the evolution of HCP identification and quantification, HCP control strategies, regulatory considerations, and novel technologies for HCP analysis. Attendees will also have the opportunity to consider emerging understandings of the impact of specific high-risk HCPs.

Vincent Rivera, CEO of GTP Immuno, will attend the conference. GTP Immuno is part of GTP Bioways and is composed of a dedicated team of HCP risk management experts. Don’t hesitate to contact him if you need a to discuss with him on this challenging subject.

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Vincent Rivera- CEO of GTP Immuno

Contact Mr. Vincent Rivera to schedule a meeting.

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