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GTP Bioways expands analytical expertise in the development and safety of biotherapeutics with the acquisition of IDBiotech

GTP Bioways, which specialises in the production of biotherapies and nanotherapies, announces today it has acquired IDBiotech. Based in Issoire (France), CRO IDBiotech specialises in the development and manufacturing of immunoassays and the provision of analytical services for the quantification of target biomolecules or HCP-type contaminants.

This acquisition allows GTP Bioways to expand its analytical service provision and optimise its support to biopharmaceutical companies developing innovative therapies, through the offer of custom immunoassay development adapted to their needs.

Alain Sainsot, CEO of GTP Bioways, said: “The combined expertise of IDBiotech and the GTP Bioways teams will allow our clients to benefit from strengthened support for the development of ad hoc analytical methods. We believe that through this acquisition, we will reduce risk linked to the late development of suitable analytical methods, and optimise development timelines, since we are bringing together various areas of analytical expertise under one roof. We are confident that in joining strengths with IDBiotech, we will reach our strategic objectives for the development of our analytical offer.”

Given the regulatory obligations in the detection of HCP (Host Cell Proteins), it was fundamental for GTP Bioways to offer a robust analytical platform to every client developing biological therapies. IDBiotech provides services to determine the percentage of recognition of anti-HCP antibodies (coverage assessment), whether from commercial ELISA kits or kits developed by IDBiotech from HCP originating from the client’s bioprocess. Former IDBiotech Managing Director Vincent Rivera said: “As well as a regulatory prerequisite, this is fundamental to demonstrate the suitability of antibodies used in the ELISA test chosen to quantify HCP, and thus de-risk the clients’ project ».

IDBiotech, now GTP Immuno, becomes the fourth entity in the GTP Bioways group. Alain Sainsot added: “Following on from a buyout in August 2021, the operational integration of IDBiotech into the group will happen over the next few months.” According to Vincent Rivera, “this new beginning within GTP Bioways will help IDBiotech expand its activity through the development of new kits and new analytical services, and strengthen its presence on the European market”.

About GTP Bioways
GTP Bioways is an expert and fast-growing contract development and manufacturing organisation offering unique services for the development of manufacturing processes and the manufacturing of biotherapies, antibody-drug conjugates and nanodrugs.
With development and manufacturing units located in France, GTP Bioways supports biopharmaceutical companies in the development of their innovative molecules, from R&D through to clinical trials and market.
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