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Mélusine Larivière Business developement Manager GTP Bioways

GTP Bioways, will be present at Connect in Pharma on 14-15 June in Geneva. This event is centered on the future of contract manufacturing, drug delivery and packaging for pharmaceutical companies. Conferences, talks and discussions will be held during these rich two days.

Geoffroy Mijola, Quality Control Manager for biological and microbiological activities at GTP Biologics, will attend the event and will take pat in the following panel discussion.

Connect in Pharma Biologics CDMO GTP Bioways

About the discussion: It will be a round table discussion on how to manage infection risks & microbial contamination, a major health issue from GMP manufacturing to the use of finished drug products. The speakers have a crossed expertise in this area, as they come from pharmaceutical laboratories, biologics CDMO, antimicrobial technology industries, ophthalmology.

In this debate, the issues, the prevention solutions to be implemented and the factors to be considered concerning the risks of microbial contamination during the production phases of the product as well as on the production sites of medical devices or drugs will be discussed. In addition to regulatory issues, other aspects will be addressed, such as prescriber awareness of risks, risks during new product development, potential contamination during the use and sustainable circularity. Finally, innovative industrial solutions to reduce these risks of microbial contamination on surfaces and in finished products will be presented with criteria of effectiveness and robustness.

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You can also contact Geoffroy Mijola if you wish to meet him during the event to discuss our comprehensive and flexible biologics CDMO services.