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Immunoassay and ELISA Development

GTP Bioways is the partner of choice for the development and manufacturing of specific immunoassays according to your specifications.

GTP Bioways CDMO - Antibody drug conjugate development

Custom immunoassay and ELISA development and validation

With more than two decades of experience, GTP Bioways has gained an unmatched expertise in the development and  manufacturing of custom immunoassays for a variety of applications including: allergen and process-related contaminants detection and quantification, potency testing, cleaning process validation, drug substance batch release.

We’ve successfully developed immunoassays to quantify monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), cytokines, antibody-drug conjugates (ADC) and host cell protein (HCP) even in complex matrices such as harvest or specific formulation buffers.

A team of immunochemical experts committed to your success

At GTP Bioways, we have a fully dedicated team, with more than 20 years’ experience in the development of immunoassays.

Our team has an unmatched expertise in developing custom immunoassays for new therapeutic targets with no commercial ELISA kit, in the optimisation of assays to detect very low concentrations of a target molecule and in the detection of molecules in complex matrices.

Our approach for custom immunoassays and ELISA

For the most accurate results, our experts bring together their know-how in immunoassay development and ELISA kit manufacturing to design a customised working plan to optimise your immunoassay or develop a specific ELISA kit.

Our seasoned team offers flexible services ranging from a feasibility study to a complete development with validation and delivery as a ready-to-use immunoassays kit. We can develop and manufacture a variety of immunoassays, including ELISA, SRID and Latex assays, based on your own specifications.

Specific ELISA development - GTP Bioways CDMO

To secure the development of your biologics, our team is able to develop and manufacture custom immunoassays that are well-suited for the detection and quantification of process-related contaminants like HCP.

GTP Bioways provides a wide range of analytical services dedicated to your biotherapeutics

We have the expertise to support the development of your biotherapeutics with our cutting-edge analytical & formulation services.

Analytical services

We offer expert analytical services dedicated to process development and GMP manufacturing.

Host Cell Protein

We are experts in the detection and quantification of process-related contaminants including HCP.


Our seasoned team offers dedicated formulation development suitable to your specific biomolecule.


HCP Risk Management

Vincent Rivera, founder and director at GTP Immuno (part of GTP Bioways) is sharing his great experience regarding HCP (host cell proteins) and biocontaminants risk management.